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Dangers of Implants for Breast Enlargement

Around three percent of people with breast implants report deflation during the first three years. Whether this number is big or insignificant, the fact remains: even the most reliable implants can rupture and leak some day.

In case this happens, two variants are possible. Firstly, if you have implants that are saline type, the solution will merely adsorb into the body and you are not likely to experience anything at all. If the implant is made with the use of gel, the harm is more obvious - the gel can get accumulated in the tissue and cause unpleasant sensations. In that case you might be required to undergo another surgery or even several ones before everything is back to normal again. If the additional surgery is not performed within a short period of time, there is a great danger of gel migrating to other parts of the body and causing certain disorders in the tissue structure, thus affecting its health and functionality.

There recently has been a study that presented the following results: about 64% of implants that are under 25 years are in condition that is far from perfect: some of them are leaking, others have already deflated. This condition was often overlooked by those women simply because they had no idea something of this kind could even happen.

There is a variety of reasons that lead to breast implants leakage. The implant might get damaged by sharp instruments in the course of the operation, the implant can appear to be over - or underfilled with solution. Stress, physical injury, especially, any injury in the area of the implant can also increase the probability of the implant rupture.

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