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Breast Enlargement Surgery

The issue of full breasts has been acute for women throughout history. At all times, the desire for beautiful bosom was present in the minds of both rich ladies and poor peasant women. Today, although pretty much every woman can go to the doctor and have her breasts enhanced, this appears to be too costly and sometimes dangerous for health.

So, the price becomes the factor that makes this option impossible to realize. On average, the cost of such a surgery can range from 5 to 6 thousand dollars. It might seem like not too much but for some people this money means a possibility to buy a car or to go on holiday with the whole family. When people have to choose, they are more likely to choose their family and rest.

And still, according to the information provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast enhancement surgery remains the fourth most popular one.

As positive as this might seem (as breast enhancement helps many women become more confident and have shapes they could only dream about), there have been too many victims. In 1992, the American Food and Drug Association banned silicone gel implants from being used. This happened because this type of implants proved to be quite unreliable leading to leakages and ruptures and causing serious health conditions.

In fact, if you experienced a breakage of your silicone breast implant, you will not receive any health insurance coverage.

The implants that are frequently used today - those with saline solution - have even a higher probability of leaking. This also means you have to be prepared to undergo several surgeries if it becomes necessary to replace any of your implants.

Today, it's a fact: the percentage of implant ruptures far exceeds the percentage predicted before.

The statistics present another fact: the cases of cancer among women with breast implants have increased by 21% compared to the cases among women without any implants. The patients that have gone through breast augmentation surgeries are more likely to have lung cancer, pneumonia and several other diseases. The results are based on studies of about 8 thousand females who had breast implants (both saline and gel ones).

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