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Examining Your Breasts

How can you make sure you are healthy? It's quite simple: it's recommended to examine your breasts every month to be aware of any abnormal changes that may happen and to be able to stop any conditions from developing further. Just think about the advantages: you will study this part of your body and know it so well that any change will be obvious immediately, and you will have the chance to sound the alarm while it's not too late. Even though during the period of puberty the female body is constantly changing, the best way is to be well-informed about each change.

Puberty Period (Teenagers). The beginning of this period is strictly individual for every girl. As their bodies begin to grow and mature, there might be changes in the condition of the skin (it becomes oily or dry), even the color and texture of hair, as well as the growth of the breast tissue. At this point, it's important to look into the history of health of your female line. Girls might find it useful to ask their mothers and grandmothers if they ever experienced certain kind of abnormalities in breast tissues, such as regular cysts, fibrocystic problems and so on. It's very likely that if such things took place, you are also prone to them. You don't have to worry as cysts are benign conditions but you should always be aware of your health condition.

Childbearing Years
. After you are ready to become a mother or if you actually become pregnant, have a baby and start breastfeeding it on a regular basis as this contributes to the further changing of your breasts. During the time you are pregnant, your breasts can appear to be more tender and increase in size. It also means you will need to take care of them and wear bras that are made of natural materials and provide good support and comfort. Breastfeeding and pregnancy contribute to lowering the probability of developing breast cancer.

Menopause. When you stop getting periods, your body goes through changes again. At this point, the amounts of estrogen and progesterone decrease dramatically and this causes the texture and condition of your breasts to change; it changes their density which can cause a feeling of bumps under the skin. During this time, it's also very important to conduct regular breast examinations - nothing should remain unnoticed. This is the only way you can be sure.

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