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Breast Surgery: Possible Complications

What are the complications you might get as a result of a breast surgery? There are a number of them. First, there is anesthetic that is used during the operation and that sometimes can cause allergy as the body will try to protect itself from the unknown and harmful substance. Although it doesn't happen often, bleeding right after the surgery is possible, which may lead to another surgery required for getting the blood back into the body and restoring its normal functioning. Hematoma (the clotting of your blood) is another possible consequence, as well as there is the risk of thrombosis (a condition of interrupted blood flow due to its abnormal clotting).

Some people report loss of sensitivity, which, however, passes with time. As a direct result of the surgery, inner tissues might get too scarred, which will be harmful for the condition of your body in general. There is one more thing that you will have to do if you have breast implants, and it involves taking more films during the mammogram as your breast implants might prevent the doctor from seeing the complete picture.

You also run the risk of calcification (a condition when your breast tissue is hardened by the deposition of lime salts). Although such a condition often passes without any interference, certain cases can require individual approach and treatment.

Among other serious complications there is atrophy of breast tissue. It becomes thinner and smaller in size, which might happen when the implant has been removed without being replaced soon afterwards or even when the implant is still inside. Necrosis (the death of tissue cells within a localized area caused by an interruption of the local blood supply), along with a breast envelope can also happen as a result of an unsuccessful surgery. The probability of developing necrosis increases after receiving chemotherapy treatment.

Another serious condition that has been reported is extrusion. This happens when your organism rejects the extraneous body (i.e. the implant) and tries to push it out of the body. This is followed by swallowing and pain; moreover, the implants can be seen under the skin and might cause scarring and even infection.

Also, if certain sanitary norms are not observed, infection might be possible, although it also happens without any obvious reasons. In that case, several months have to pass before another surgery is possible but this doesn't guarantee that next time it will be accepted by the body.

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