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Your Health and Estrogen

What exactly is estrogen and how is it connected with staying healthy? If you care about your well-being and are willing to understand and avoid breast cancer, estrogen is pretty much the first word you should be aware of. Estrogen, along with other hormones, plays a crucial role in the functioning of our body. The first thing you can do is to read this information.

Estrogen: what it is and how it works

What is HRT? HRT is an abbreviation of Hormone Replacement Therapy. The levels of estrogen in your body might be low if compared to the average level; this might be caused by natural factors or chemical interference (for example, medications that suppress estrogen). This condition can be unpleasant and can include the following symptoms: headache, profuse sweating, vaginal dryness and hot flashes, although the reaction of each person is very individual. So, in case this is happening, you can take HRT to reduce or eliminate these side effects.

You can use estrogen for a long time; however, make sure you don’t exceed certain limits.

Estrogen and Breast Cancer: There are several kinds of breast cancer and some of them might develop if there is a high level of estrogen present in your body. The most common kinds of breast cancer include Paget's disease, ductal cancer, lobular cancer and inflammatory cancer.

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